Beautiful Memorial Day

What a beautiful day we had yesterday.  I just love how the sun is shinning through the clouds in the pics posted below.  It always makes me think of heaven, which could not have been more symbolic for Memorial Day.  Thank you to everyone in the armed forces and R.I.P. to all of the fallen hero's.
Hope you enjoyed your day!!!


What I see when I look at this..

*Notice the haze surrounding me, I think this is such a cool and symbolic picture.

What this makes me think of...

Stay focused despite the obstacles around you
Always remain centered
Always remain calm in the midst of chaos
Smile especially when the clouds are out
Remain positive

I also tend to think its my mom hovering all around me.  Which means someone is always looking out for me.

Have a great day!!!


I'm Engaged!!!

While we were in beautiful St. Croix, my babe got down on one knee and proposed to me.  It was very romantic, special and something I will never forget.  Being engaged feels like I'm walking on a cloud and I can't stop smiling.  

Since we were in St. Croix with my Dad and aunts, I announced it the next morning (enter the waterworks) but we had to wait to tell our friends simply because of that $1.99 PER MINUTE CHARGE!!!  Once we got back to the states, I started calling all of my close friends and family because finding out via facebook is a BIG NO-NO in my opinion.

This is my first and hopefully ONLY engagement/wedding etc. so I don't know the proper etiquette but I was confused by some of the questions people asked once I said We were engaged.  Such as:  Did you say yes?  (I don't think I would be telling anyone if I said no) Are you happy? (again...would I tell you if I wasn't?) Did he really propose?  (Huh, what?) Do you have the ring?  (Do people propose without something sparkly in a box?)  When is the date? Why are you waiting so long? (Because we don't want to go into debt!  and Are you writing the checks?)

But I just brush it off and keep smiling, I answer the questions regardless of how shocked I am.  I am truly happy and in love.  Let me know what you think and what your experiences were.


Five days in PARADISE!!!

I spent five days in St. Croix U.S.V.I. (Paradise) and it was truly an amazing experience.  I have been several times as a child and even spent a couple of summers there with my grandparents.  But going back as an adult was something new, something special.  It was the vacation I needed, the break I needed.

My significant other and I were able to fall deeper in love with each other all while looking out into the ocean from our beach front all-inclusive resort.  It gets no better.

I also learned that my Grandpa Bup was "THE MAN" on the island.  He was known all over town, he helped to lay the roads, he had prize race horses, and was on the original label of CRUZAN RUM.  How cool is that???  There are just some things you begin to appreciate as an adult, like all of the history I learned about the island and my family.

We also celebrated the birthday of my Aunt Polly who turned 75!!  I am so happy to be a part of this family because they have such great genes.  I'm looking forward to aging if I look as good as my aunts!!!  I ate myself sick of all the delicious west indian food and everyone knows how much I love to eat!! I can't wait to learn how to make my own Johnny Cakes...YUM!!!


Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Happy belated Mothers day, I hope your day was truly as special as each of you are :)

Yesterday was a very difficult day for me since it makes my second mothers day without my beautiful mommy.  I declined traveling home to NYC because it was just way to emotional and I was physically tired.  I am grateful to have several women in my life that I can call on and they will be there for me.

I went to dinner and lets just say this dish made me very happy.  The presentation alone deserved a picture. Shrimp tempura roll...YUM!!


Some things that make me happy...

Here are pictures of some things that make me extremely happy.  Take time to reflect on the things that make you happy, use it as the fuel you may need when you are feeling down and need that extra boost.

Being home
driving with the windows down in silence
Taking pictures of family and friends
Warm weather
Planting flowers and making arrangements

Spending Fast comes to an end :(

  As you know I've been on a spending fast for the entire month of April.  I did very well and I am proud of myself.  I saw plenty of changes in my finances and I was able to add more to my ING savings account.

I did have some slips when I went to visit my father in Charlotte, NC and I will blame my cousin for making me buy these two pairs of shoes but I just couldn't pass them up.  What do you think???  Do you love them just as much as I do???

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