Note to self...

Sunday's sermon was on point!  The sermon title was "You don't have to look like what you're going through!"  I sat there and said - He is so right.  He read the story about ShadrachMeshach and Abednego and the fiery furnace then proceeded to make The Bible and the scripture come to life.  Pastor said just because you lost your job, doesn't mean you have to look broke.  Just because you're hungry, doesn't mean you have to look famished.  Just because you're alone, doesn't mean you have to look lonely.

There are situations in life that we must learn to deal with and overcome - face it, that's life.  But its how we deal with the situations and what we look like before, during and after "the storm" that is the true testament.   If you speak life and positivity then positive things will happen to you.  
I dare you to try it.  
Be encouraged!!!


Thank you!!!

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to all of followers, my roses.  I started my blog after checking out one of my college buddies, Toya over at www.toya-quarterlifechronicles.blogspot.com.  Make sure to check out her blog.  

I was dealing with the loss of my mother, whom I would speak to about everything, everyday and I no longer had that outlet.  I thought why not blog, why not give it a try and so I did.  I wasn't sure of the direction at first but it has quickly turned into a positive place for people to receive positive messages.  I try to write things that have an optimistic outlook, positive ending or some type of lesson learned.  

I want to sincerely thank each of you for stopping by, reading my thoughts, commenting and most of all following.  It is truly appreciated and I am grateful.  


Happy Father's Day!

Just a little poem that I love.  Happy Father's Day to everyone, especially my Daddy!!!



The theme for today seems to be friendship.  First I was inspired after reading "5 Friends Every Woman Should Have by Michelle Burford on Oprah.com. Then, I had amazing conversations with my besties.  Lastly,  I received text msgs from two of my friends, who are ALWAYS right on time!!  I am so grateful to be surrounded by a group of friends who not only inspire me but truly add VALUE to my life.  Who are you surrounded by?  Do you have one friend in each of these categories or at least one friend who fulfills them all?  Are you adding value to the lives of your friends?

1. The Uplifter
This woman's favorite word: yes. You could tell her you're trading your six-figure income for a career in offtrack betting, and she'd barely pause before yelping "Go for it!" Don't you need someone who looks past the love handles to notice the extraordinarily gorgeous you?

2. The Travel Buddy
When the hotel in St. Lucia is a bust, one characteristic becomes all-important: flexibility. This agreeable companion need not be the girl you traded pinkie swears with on the playground; it's enough that she's comfortable with quiet (between gabfests) and is a teensy bit mischievous (as in tequila after midnight).

3. The Truth Teller
Intent is what separates the constructive from the abusive. Once you've established that the hard news is spoken in love (not in jealousy or malice), you'd be smart to seek out this woman's perspective.

4. The Girl Who Just Wants to Have Fun
One Saturday a pal and I—and yes, we're both over age 12—pored over every glitter lip gloss in a drugstore aisle for an entire 45 minutes. Forget the crisis download (for that, see the Uplifter); this partnership is about spontaneous good times.

5. The Unlikely Friend
"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive," Anaïs Nin wrote. My friends—some twice my age, others half, some rich, others homeless, some black like me, others Korean, Mexican, Caucasian—have added richness to my life that only variety can bring. 



Lately my life has been filled with constant transition and I am trying my best to hold on for the ride as well as find balance in every situation.

First:  My hair.  I have not had a perm going on two years.  Thank God for my godmother and her flat ironing skills and the dominicans for a great pin curl/roller set.  Everyone is shocked to find out that I don't have a perm.  But with this heat, I have a mini afro at the roots and straight hair at the ends.  I can imagine rockin' a big beautiful curly style with little to no maintenance.  I don't plan on doing a big chop so I am searching for cute in between styles that will hold up in this heat.  Any suggestions besides micros??? Transition in this aspect has its pros and cons.

Second:  My hobbies.  In college, I maintained five classes, served on the board of several different organizations, worked three different jobs at any given time not to mention establishing friendships and participating in other college activities :)  Since graduating from both undergrad and graduate school, my hobbies have dwindled and at times I have found myself very BORED!!  Thus being another transition I must overcome.  I could choose to become complacent and settle for an average life of just going to work and coming home, although that may be enough for some - it's not for me.

  1. I got a part-time job which is a great way to end boredom and get paid for it :)
  2. My friends and I were able to start an AMAZING group full of Undeniably Determined women and I am so eager and excited to see all that we have planned flourish into something great.
  3. I am pursuing another M.Ed - which is another great way to avoid remaining average and excelling academically and professionally.

I will continue to add to this list to help me transition from College Stacy to Young Adult Stacy.  Any tips you guys can offer me would be greatly appreciated...



Recently I had the opportunity to create an amazing group with some friends from college that celebrate and acknowledge the accomplishments of other women. The group seeks to promote positivity amongst women as well as being used as a tool to network and reconnect.  After reading each bio, I like to comment, showing my appreciation and admiration for these women.  Since graduating we've gone off to "attack" life for all it has to offer and we have truly done a great job!  This group has truly inspired and motivated me to continue on a path of progression and achievement.  I think its really important for women to be able to feel confident and comfortable in their accomplishments and to be celebrated by their peers.  Often times we are so negative towards each other and are quick to put others down.  I salute all the women who are doing "BIG THANGS."  You inspire me!!!  Who run the world...GIRLS!!

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