Are you serious???

Is this really today's date???
Again, I ask...Are you serious?  Where did the time go? I was off work for a glorious 8 weeks where I was able to sleep in, walk slowly, shop during the day, indulge in "me" time, cook more extensive meals for my honey, travel, start businesses and blog more often.  I have truly enjoyed my vacation and I am eager to get back to working with my students.  Everyone knows I am NOT excited about wearing that horrid uniform but I have turned my focus to decorating my office, since thats the only way I will be able to show my personality.  I am going for a Black/White theme with a pop of color.  See pics below and tell me what you think??

Wouldn't you want to go to the counselors office if it looked like this...
photo credit www.decorpad.com

On my list of things to purchase/to-do:
Print Inspirational Quotes to place in frames around office
Print new sign that reads Ms. Richards - Counselor to the FUTURE STARS!
Purchase carpet/artwork for office
Purchase a mini-fridge/coffee maker



I'm going into my third year as a Secondary School Counselor and the school I'm going to has decided on... UNIFORMS!!(Insert scary movie music here) How can I show my personality in this?? I have not worn a uniform since grade school and even then I hated it. I enjoy getting dressed every morning, I enjoy piecing outfits together and carefully matching accessories.
I love when the outfit comes together like artwork and you look and feel like a masterpiece.


But I desperately need your help...How can I make this fly?  How can I make this my own without looking like every other woman in the building.  I got the blazer/khaki pants from H&M, white shirts from Old Navy and NY&CO and I REFUSE to wear those shoes so I will still to black flats.  


Rockin' Suede after Rain and a HURRICANE!!!

Oh yes - I'm Gangsta!  Rockin suede after all that rain and a HURRICANE!  

So my honey and I decided to go to dinner at Cheesecake Factory and boy was it yummy!  The best part was the red velvet cheesecake that I had a slice of for dessert.  But more importantly - I finally got a chance to wear my Red Aldo Calcagni shoes.  I paired it with a simple red/white striped top from Forever 21 and my black skinny jeans.  My babe called me his sexy candy striper - which means the outfit was a success!!  It was a really nice day/evening. You would have never thought there was a hurricane, tornado warnings or all that rain.  Guess it was the calm AFTER the storm.


What natural disasters have taught me...

This is what I've learned in the past week since we experienced an earthquake and a hurricane.

1. I know in my heart of hearts that God is and will ALWAYS be in control. (Lesson - Have Faith)
2.  My President is always cool under pressure (Lesson - Never let them see you sweat)
3.  Be prepared - not scared (Lesson - Better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it)
4. Don't be alone (Lesson - Having someone to endure the storm with makes things easier)
5. Its just Rain (Lesson - Put your rain boots on go outside and enjoy the moment)

What did the East Coast 'Quake and that chick Irene teach you??



with my nail designs

Do you see the lips???

Tempura Sunday Morning Roll = AMAZING!

Body Wave hair + Black/Blue crystal earrings made by yours truly!

What are you in love with?  Its all about finding happiness in the little things :)


Bring it on...Irene

Ok so Hurricane Irene is supposed to hit the US particular my area this Sunday and guess who is ready...

That's right!  Check these babies out.  Got them at Marshalls today for $16.99

I was born and raised in NYC and always seize the opportunity to let EVERYONE know I am NOT from where I am currently living (PA) or where I went to undergrad (DE).  
This girl right here is and will always be a QUEEN from QUEENS, NYC!!!


was that what I think it was???


Earthquakes rarely happen on the east coast but we felt a 5.9 earthquake from Virginia all the way up to Maine.  Where were you when the earthquake happened?  I was minding my business shopping in WALMART when...I felt the ground shaking, I saw the aisle displays moving and the light fixtures in the ceiling were swaying back and forth.  I was on the phone with my honey who was in King of Prussia, PA at the time and I could hear him saying to his coworkers "Did you feel that?"  I answered him yes, thinking he was speaking to me.  I said OMG!  I thought that couldn't have been an earthquake but clearly it was.  He told me reports of an earthquake from VA all the way to NY and I immediately tried to call my family in NYC but calls were not going through.  I was scared but I kept shopping.  Yes, you read right...I KEPT SHOPPING.  As I look back on it - boy was that silly.  If it was more serious - would I really need that box of cocoa puffs, pancake mix or that teal picture frame, I just had to have for my office...Heck no!  I didn't even know what to do.  I stood there frozen looking at things fall off the shelf in front of me - asking other people "if they felt that!"  Anyway - I'm glad it wasn't more serious than it was and I am grateful that everyone was ok.  So where were you when the east coast earthquake happened?


Eargasm Alert!!! Eargasm Alert!!!


Hello, My name is Stacy and I have an addiction.
(Group replies:)  Hi, Stacy!

Someone please save me!!!

What I wonder?

This random post is filled with thoughts I have.  When I love - I love HARD!

Sometimes I wish people thought like me.  
How is it that you can't respond to a call or a text but you have time to update a facebook status?
Why don't people treat me as well as I treat them?
Why is it you can ask me for something before even asking "how are you doing?"

I understand not everyone is like me and what I do for others will not be done in the magnitude in which I did the original deed nor on the same time frame but would a THANK YOU kill you???  I enjoy listening to others mention things and being able to surprise them with it - it brings me great joy to see others happy but all I want is a text every now saying you were thinking of me (which I also send out every Sunday!)
When I love- I love hard and when I'm hurt - I hurt even harder.  Hoping I grow out of this soon.

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Feeling Blue??

I am in love with this combo.  I bought the jeans and clutch at least two weeks apart but once I saw each piece I knew whatever I paired it with..it would be MAGICAL!

I wore this on a date with just a simple white basic tee and a chunky necklace.  The jeans and the clutch were all the POW you needed.

Colored jeans are going to be major this fall - make sure you get a pair!!!

Quote of the Day

"Don't stop your GREATNESS for fear of what an AVERAGE person may think or say!"

Be encouraged - Keep Moving - Onward and Upward


$200 shoes should NOT hurt your feet

Dear Mr. Edelman,

I received a super fab birthday present from my honey which were a pair of your infamous "Lorissa" pumps with the BLACK spikes.  The shoes are definitely "TDF!" (To Die For) but I didn't mean that in the literal sense.  I wore them last night for the honey's big 3-Oh! bash.  I purchased the Dr. Scholl pads to give me a little cushion but after two hours of being a hostess - my feet were calling me all types of names. I believe firmly in no matter how much my feet hurt - I refuse to be that girl walking around BAREFOOT!

Then I thought to myself if they say "You get what you pair for" why don't my $20 shoes from Forever 21, Charlotte Russe or my $90 shoes from Bakers and Aldo hurt my feet the way these shoes did.  I mean they hurt so bad I am still limping and I am preparing to soak my feet in epson salt.  I am truly disturbed by this.  Don't get me wrong - it won't stop me from wearing these conversation starters I will just make sure they are for dinner dates and not club hopping.

You need more cushion and a platform wouldn't hurt either :)

Were you wondering???

What's in my purse???

I watch these posts all the time on YouTube and figured I should show what is in my purse.  Sometimes I surprise myself at some of the random things I have in my bag - but I always think what if I need needle/thread or even a stapler. (So what!)
My summer bag - it's oversized and TEAL!  I throw it on with anything and just consider it a way to color block :)  

So here are the contents: 
A Clutch - just in case I end up going out
Mini coach wallet to keep my cards in case I use the clutch
My bedazzled cell phone
My oversized wallet
Cocoa Butter chapstick
Body shop body butter and body spray
A brush (to tame the fly aways)
Twizzlers (My happy snack)


Accident or Publicity???

First Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, then Kelly Rowland, Rihanna and now Ciara.

Not to mention the countless other celebrities (there are a total of 370!) that have had nip slips.  One has to begin to wonder if its an accident or a publicity stunt.  I mean yes, they are dancing pretty hard in little-to-no clothing but why do all the accidents seem to occur around the same time of album releases or right before we begin to forget the name of a celebrity.

It isn't enough that sex fills more and more of the lyrics of the songs on the radio, now I have to wonder if my students or baby cousins will accidentally see what should be considered a "private part."

Just my thoughts...what do you think??


Hello Lover!!

Things I am loving lately...

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick - found it on youtube and I plan to pair it for a date night.  Its a beautiful red shade very flattering and complimentary for women of color :)

This ALDO shoe

and... Anything Feathered http://www.icing.com/must-have-fall-feathers.asp
I've bought a headband, several pairs of earrings, necklaces, and shirts.  I promise I am not wearing them all together.

What are you loving lately???


Happy Birthday President Obama!

Happy Birthday to my fellow leo, Mr. President Barack Obama.  He is turning the big 5-0 today!  I believe he deserves a party despite the economic situation of the country.  He is a loving husband, father and wonderful role model.  I support him and I am so glad he won the presidency. I hope he takes some time for himself today - he deserves a break.  SN:  I wish they would stop disrespecting him and please address him accordingly - That's Mr. President to you!


Happy Birthday Mommy!

I started this blog to help me through the healing process of losing my mother.  Today is her birthday and I am lighting a candle and having a Pina Colada in her honor.  Cherish those around you because tomorrow isn't promised.  I am so lucky to have had her as my mother and very best friend.


I was here..

I was here - a song on Beyonce's latest album 4 really touches my spirit.  I want to leave a legacy and impact the lives of the people I encounter on a daily basis.  

Just wanted to share the song and lyrics with you.  


 I wanna leave my footprints on the sands of time

Know there was something that, and something that I left behind
When I leave this world, I'll leave no regrets
Leave something to remember, so they won't forget

I want to say I lived each day, until I died
I know that I had something in, somebody's life
The hearts I have touched, will be the proof that I leave
That I made a difference, and this world will see

I was here...
I lived, I loved
I was here..
I lived, I loved
I was here...
I did, I've done, everything that I wanted
And it was more than I thought it would be
I will leave my mark so everyone will know
I was here...

I just want them to know
That I gave my all, did my best
Brought someone to hapiness
Left this world a little better just because...

I was here...

Day 28- A picture of you last year and now

How have you changed??? See for yourself...
Age 25
Age 26
Age 27

I've lost weight is the biggest difference from the pictures.
I have matured.
I am a better daughter, sister, friend and most recently a fiancee.

How have you changed over the years???

I've been bad...really bad

Ok so I've been a bad blogger and have been M.I.A. for a little bit but I'm back...  I'm trying my best to finish the 30 day challenge (yes I know it is now August - don't judge me)

Day 23 - Something I crave for...hmm

Attention duh I'm a Leo!
Love and affection.
Red Velvet cake
A great breakfast on Sundays
New pair of shoes
My friends and family...I often go through withdrawal if I haven't seen them in a while.

Day 24 - Write a letter to your parents

Simply put...Thank you both!  I love you! and mommy, I really miss you!!

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