The Sun rises and the sun sets....

Yesterday I attended the funeral of one of my former students, he was only 14 years old and just started his first year of high school.  When I received the news - it shocked me and I honestly haven't been ok since.

I was uprooted from the school I felt most comfortable, sent somewhere new, where I didn't feel valued nor appreciated.  I made connections with some teachers but most importantly I formed bonds with my students.  Lets just say, I made the best of a situation.  But this student, he added value to my life as a counselor and children like him are the reason I keep working.   I was there for him when many others had given up on him and all I truly did was listen and believe him.  I was the only one he respected and the only one he would listen to.  I formed a respectful relationship with his parents and we became his team and advocates because we saw his potential.

But when I received that call Monday morning - I was at a loss for words.  14 years old, no health concerns, no foul play well what happened??? Only God knows.  He simply never woke up.  I am grateful to have met him and his family and to be someone he trusted and respected.

I attended my first Muslim funeral and it was an amazing experience.  I saw their customs, traditions and learned about their faith/religion.  I have a renewed respect for the Muslim religion and I am no longer ignorant to their customs.  I am thankful the leader chose to teach/preach because many of the attendees were not Muslim.

I am at peace because I had the opportunity to impact his life and he had the opportunity to impact mine.
RIP and Gone WAY too soon!


Natural Hair Event

I had the opportunity to not only attend but I was a vendor at a Natural Hair Event located in Delaware today.  It was an amazing event.  Big Shout Outs to the Co-Founders Tywanda and Latoya.  Check out their facebook group here ------> http://www.facebook.com/groups/DelawareNaturalistas/ 

I set up a table and sold my handmade earrings (MadeWith143) as well as my MARK products (stacyrichards.mymarkstore.com)

P.S. I'm transitioning and REFUSE to do the BC.  My head is way to BIG for that :)

Check out the pics below.
With my products :)

my vendor set up.  Shout out to Michelle the photographer :)


www.etsy.com search MadeWith143



Guess what....
Guess what....
Guess what....
I have an ETSY Shop!!! MadeWith143
Some of you have seen some of my earrings on previous posts and have inquired about them well now my earrings that are MadeWith143 are available.  I will be posted my earrings on the Etsy shop as soon as I get a second (ever wonder where the day goes??)

Feel free to check out these posts for pics of my earrings or you can check out the Etsy shop as well
----> http://www.etsy.com/search/handmade?q=madewith143&view_type=gallery&ship_to=US.

Let me know what you think.  Any questions/concerns feel free to email me at scrichards727@gmail.com


Black Love

Gold Starz/Silver Starz

Pink Babies


Ocean Wave

Onyx Spike


The infamous uniform...

As you may know, most schools have to wear uniforms in my district.  I am not a fan at all for many reasons but thats another blog in itself.  Since I can't change my situation for a year and I'm thankful to have a job - its better that I make the best of my current situation and still be the best counselor I can be.  
In the mean time check out how I have styled that infamous uniform...
(Uniform has to be Navy blazer/sweater, Tan Pants, White Collard/Button-down shirt, Black/brown shoes)

Tan vest and slacks, White Collard Shirt, Navy/Gold necklace, jcrew bracelet, Tory Burch Flats

Tan/white vest, white shirt, tan slacks, bbwives inspired earrings, coach sneakers

Navy sweater, white shirt, cognac belt/boots, tan pants

H&M blazer with tan lining, brown/gold necklace, tan slacks, white shirt, jcrew bracelet

Tan blazer, knee-length skirt, white shirt, coral necklace for pop of color

Oh yes! Navy suspenders!!  White shirt, tan knee-length skirt,  navy necklace

White collard shirt, tan skinny jeans, glitter Toms sneakers and glitter earrings (Friday outfit)

How cute!

Close up of the necklace

Jcrew bracelet

Made by yours truly :)

Love this!

This is a navy blazer I got for $3.00!!! I have to wear the uniform - I don't have to spend a fortune!

What do you think?  Any suggestions - PLEASE HELP ME!!


100th Post Giveaway - WINNER!!!

TO LIZBETH over at http://glamstyln.blogspot.com <------Check out her blog!!

Lizbeth is the 100th Post winner of....

Bath & Body Works Country Chic Shower Gel and Lotion
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A pair of AFAZE orange earrings
Five bracelets from DOTS

Blogging has become a true passion of mine and it brings me such joy.  To be able to connect with people I may have never been able to through writing and positive energy is AMAZING.  I love reading blogs, looking at outfit and makeup choices, seeing everyone's personality.  Blogging is a great world to be a part of and this giveaway is just a little way to show my appreciation to those who take time to read my blog.  Lots of blog love to all of you!!!

Thanks to everyone who entered!!!


September 11th

  • I was in high school in Queens, NYC when we heard what happened.  Immediate shock and disbelief consumed the entire school.
  • I remember speaking to my mother - she had such a calming spirit even in this situation.
  • We were not able to reach my father who drove the NYC subway into Manhattan at that time.  We finally heard from my father later that evening - he was unable to leave the city and ended up sleeping in a mattress store in Manhattan.
  • My brother was away at school.
  • I remember the think black smoke that filled the skies.  You could see it for miles.
  • I remember the way NYC smelled - it was disturbing.

I remember the daily news newspaper the next day with an image of just a hand on it.  Such a tragic image but it is what happened that day.  So many people lost their lives unnecessarily.  RIP to all those who lost their lives that day.  You will forever be in our hearts and minds.

Watch this video if you have unanswered questions...


Dear Anonymous...

This will be the first and last time I give you any attention.  I'm dedicating this entire post to you to say...THANK YOU!  Thank you for viewing my blog, for reading my posts and then commenting although you comment anonymously.  All the negative things you have to say..don't phase me but I want to play two songs just for you.  Comment on this :)

To my fellow bloggers - I love reading your posts please keep writing and sharing positivity.  Those who don't have lives and are unhappy individuals spread hate and negativity.  


Introducing Counselor Richards

Hey Everyone - Don't forget to enter my "100th Post Giveaway" - it closes Wednesday!!!

In the meantime - here are some pics of my newly decorated office.  I'm the 12th grade counselor and I was going for the "Dorm Room Look."  In my opinion - I SUCCEEDED because my students LOVE IT!!!

Let me know what you think :)

This is the doormat when you enter my office.  I thought it was a cute way to play on the fact I am a guidance counselor.
The view you see from the door - love my presidential chair :)

Wall Pops 

Everyone should have flowers on their desk - I spray them with febreeze :)

This quote tells me everything I do is worth it!


Surrounded by pics of fam and friends.  The plaque says "Everyone brings joy to this office - some when they enter and some when they leave"  Last present my mother bought for me.

These mini round rugs match my Wall Pops and don't require me to vacuum :)
Counselor to the Future Stars - where are you headed??

Great saying!

Can't promote higher education without displaying my degrees :)
Don't talk about it - Be about it!

Rest if you must - but don't quit!

Too Cute!

My Fiancee and I <3

Please Sign In!

Different Inspirational Quotes

Senior Information + microwave and mini fridge

Also I don't use the overhead lighting.  I bought in two lamps which I love.  I have turned a plain, white cinderblock office with NO window into a graduating seniors freshman dorm.  I love it - what do you think?


100th Post

Who would have thought I would have something to say for 100 posts?  
I am so grateful for my blog family and I would like to do a giveaway for my faithful blog family.  

The rules are simple:
1) You must be a follower of my blog 
2) You must comment on this post below telling me what you would like my 101st post to be and leave an email address for me to contact the winner

The drawing will end next Wednesday, September 14th at 6pm and the winner will be chosen by random.org.

The winner will receive several goodies so I wish all over you the best of luck!

Remember:  To enter - Follow this blog/comment below telling me what I should blog about for the 101st post and leave your email address!!!


Feeling like a Frisky Feline!!!

I heart these shoes - what do you think??  
They bring out the LEO in me and make me feel like a frisky feline

I heart my tattoo - Adinkra symbol Gye Nyame which means "To Know and Accept God!"

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