Here comes Valentines Day..

My boo and I don't normally celebrate Valentine's Day.  We acknowledge the day but we have holidays more specific to our relationship that we indulge each other with cards, gifts and lots of xoxo.

But I wanted to do a Valentine's day gift post for those who may be struggling in what to do or what to get for the significant others.  Let me know what you think and what you do.

Can you believe its almost February???

Gift guide for the guy or gal in your life... 
(both inexpensive and expensive - remember its the thought that counts but its better to THINK HARD!)

                       Candy always works :)
Cards with special love notes inside
Cook dinner TOGETHER...
The stove won't be the only thing that's hot :)
Write a poem for each other
His and Her watch set
Smell goods (cologne or perfume)
Latest music CD
Couples Spa day - trust me this is AMAZING!!
Scavenger hunt game - all clues should lead back to you!!


  1. We always have a party at work on Valentine's Day. Therefore, if I'm single or attached, I get to celebrate! If I was attached this year, I'd want a spa day

  2. i am like you, the bf and i recognize v-day but it is not this big preparation and celebration. we always go out on the weekends so date nights aren't scarce. even when i was single, my friends would always throw out parties and everyone gets to have a good time!

  3. Loving both ideas ladies. Thanks for the comments!!!

  4. My boo and I LOVE valentines day! We always dress up, do dinner and exchange gifts. Last year I got an Ipad for Valentines day and we went to cheesecake factory. This year we are planning to hit up the melting pot, not sure what gifts are on the list this year though. lol

  5. I like the couples spa day, but I don't think my BF would be too crazy about it. Build-A-Bear is cute too! And I think some guys will appreciate the cute gesture as much as a girl would.

  6. Hubby and I don't usually get into the hoopla of Valentines Day. Our anniversary is on the 19th, so we save all of our celebrating for that. I do like the poem writing idea though!



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