Month of Love...

Thought I would share the things that make me smile.  
What makes you smile?  Remember its all about the LITTLE things in life.  
Be happy and wishing you all the best this Sunday.
(not pictured my fiancee, my dad/brother & my friends)
♥ ya'll!!!

PicCollage App - I miss my mommy!!

Instagram -Follow me @ladystace
& the necklace IN LOVE!

My engagement ring and my bracelet - Set it off!

Redecorated the cover of my macbook - kisses to you!


I love this picture of our First Lady!!!  Simple, Elegance!!! 


  1. You look like your Mom...so gorgeous
    Yeah you are so right...ur engagement ring and bracelet can definitely set off an outfit.
    I love me some sea food...actually I love me some each and every day!

    1. Thank you Funmi!!! Hope all is well with you. Yes honey go to Red Lobster ASAP it was super yummy!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Friend!!! What do you love??


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