Incentives make the world go 'round

I had my senior assembly this week and I really wanted to acknowledge the progress my students are making and reward their efforts.  You wouldn't imagine some of the things these children encounter on a daily basis.  I make an effort to congratulate them more than scold them.  I like to believe I have created bonds with my students and showed them the importance of an education.

Here are some incentives I gave out to the students accepted to college.  They are "kissing" high school goodbye!  The top 20 GPA students received mini oreo's because they are "smart cookies."  Everyone received a certificate and you would think I gave them a million bucks.  To be praised and acknowledged in front of their peers excited them.  I'm also grateful it lit the fire under the other students who are moving a bit slow.

Make sure you acknowledge the "good" around you.  
Good behavior that is acknowledged creates an environment of those reoccurring behaviors :)


  1. What a great gesture for the students! I love the 'congratulating more than scolding'.

    1. Thanks Sonya!!! You're so right!!! Thanks for commenting

  2. I applaud you for doing that!! I love it!

  3. This is such an awesome idea! I'm not sure if I knew you were a teacher too! I do superlatives at the end of the year! They absolutely love it!

  4. i'm thinking about going into teaching myself and i also love what you did for your students.

  5. You're such an awesome teacher. Encouragement is important because it just may be the only that some of these kids get.

  6. I do too applaud you doll for doing that. That's awesome.

    <3 Marina


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