is love enough???

"If you love someone, you better prove it. Love is not a noun to be defined, but a verb to be acted upon."

Love is an amazing feeling.  It can make you smile, sing, dance, empathize, sympathize, yell, want the best for each other.  Love can make you do things - you never thought possible.

Love is an action - it is a movement.  It requires energy and thrives off of it.  
What it is given, it gives back.

Most of all - Love is important.  It is necessary.  
Love is vital to ones success, health and well being.

Do those you love know it?  Can they feel it?  Have your shown it?  How have you shown it - because remember you have to prove it rather than just say it.

Don't just talk love - you have to walk love.

I'm writing my vows and can answer yes, LOVE is enough.  
If it truly is acted upon then that is all you will ever need.

Is love enough for you?


  1. i really love this post! and i do believe love is wonderful, but it takes more than just that make anything work. it takes a lot more...


  2. I am glad that you have found that unconditional love, it is amazing!!!!!!!!


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