Tips and Tricks to stay cool....

Did my thermostat just read 99 degrees - OMG!!  I am not ready.  Here are some tips and tricks to stay cool in the summer heat.  I have a drawer dedicated to pieces I can just throw on when all you want to do is lay under a fan and midst yourself with water but you HAVE to go outside!!!  The trick is to keep it cute with no fuss.  Easy one pieces with sandals, throw on a hat to block the sun and you're good to go!!!  What are your tips to stay cool in this heat??

1.  DRINK WATER (self explanatory)
2.  Wear light colors and fabrics like cotton!  
3. Sweating is icky but it actually helps to keep you cool :)
4. Eat "lighter" foods such as salads, fruit, etc.
5.  Find the shade and STAY there!!

High-Low and color blocking - Two trends for the price of one!

Keep your head cool and block the sun from your face!

White pants help pull the look together.  Nice flowy top and you're on your way!


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