I think they are trying to kill us...

Watching TV the other night and a commercial came on advertising Burger King's new BACON SUNDAE.  Are you serious???  I think they are trying to kill us immediately came to my mind. Anyone who has made conscience choices in what they put in their body knows that your body starts to crave the good things such as exercise, water and healthier food choices.
What do you think of the following food items?  Have you ever tried any of them?  
Would you?  What's the worst meal you've ever seen?

We only have one life and what we eat definitely plays a role on the life we will live.

1) Red Robin Mozzarella Stick Burger!!!
2) Wendy's TRIPLE Baconater!!!
3) KFC Double Down - No Bun needed just two pieces of chicken, bacon, sauce n cheese
4) Sonic Texas Toast, onion ring burger
5) Johnny Rockets Double patty, bacon and onion rings!!
6) Carl Jr's look at the size of that meat!!
7) Burger King Infamous Bacon Sundae
8) Taco Bell Doritos flavored taco


  1. I agree with you and when I see all the pics you posted I definitely agree - they are trying to kill us. Like what's the need to top a double cheesburger with mozzarella sticks other than to give us all a heart attack! haha. I have a friend who bakes and she did make some brownies with bacon bits in them that were delish - but I won't be ordering bacon sundaes in the drive-thru!

  2. LOL Thanks so much for commenting Niecy. I truly believe they are trying to kill us. We have to resist and make better choices!!

  3. Yes this is ridiculous!!! I may be overweight but I refuse to eat anything that looks like this!

    1. Its about choice and its a shame that these companies CHOOSE to make these products knowing they aren't good for the masses. Thanks for commenting.

  4. O WOWZERS!!!!! I totally agree... I may have to post this on my FACEBOOK page ppl need to know they are killing us softly!!!!!

    1. Please do :) People have to know to make better choices.

  5. I just died and need to be shocked! The Bacon sundae now they have me laughing pigggg over her. Lol This is an eye opener. I stopped eating beef 10 years ago...but I loveeee my Pig. Lol weeeeeeeeee weeeeeee


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