Yoga Newbie

I took my first Yoga class today.  Experiencing Yoga is a part of my positivity challenge and I'll admit it was a challenge.  I never experienced anything like that ever nor have I ever sweat so much.  But...I can't wait to go back.  I loved it!!!

Here are some benefits of practicing Yoga:

A more positive outlook on life
Improved sleeping
Improved posture and relief of sore muscles
Steamier SEX!!!
Increased confidence
Strength training using your own body weight
Sense of Calmness

Have you ever tried Yoga??


  1. I love love love yoga!!! I wish I could find a studio here that isnt so expensive or HOT yoga.... Hot yoga I just cant do!!! I found that Yoga really does help physically, mentally and spiritually and I can dig it

    1. Thanks so much for commenting. I have decided to make it a weekly thing - I really did enjoy it. I honestly was proud of myself. I hope you find a studio too - where are you located? I'm gonna try and work up to the hot yoga :)

  2. I tried yoga and even with my dance background,I found it very very challenging.

    1. Yes it was. But I'm going to keep trying until I'm as good as Russell Simmons :) Thanks for commenting!!!

  3. I love yoga. I have a yoga mat in my living room. If your at home try it with aroma therapy candles. If helps with the mind, body, and flexablity. Oh and it can help you to relax too. I do it with my meditation.

    1. Such a great idea Candace and I love candles too. Going to try that next time!!

      Thanks for commenting.


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