Have we been reduced to hair???

I am extremely disturbed that what should be considered major issues are often overlooked by less important "smaller" issues.  The internet has been flooded not with accolades and congratulatory remarks for Ms. Gabby Douglas, who is a 16 year old, African American, gold OLYMPIC award winning young woman.  Instead, we are discussing her hair????  

Are you kidding me???

This young woman is talented.  
Gabby is doing something that is pure skill and takes hard work and determination to achieve.  

When is the last time you were able to do this??

or this --------------------------------->

I thought so.

I'm sure hair - is the furthest thought from her mind.  She just won a gold medal in the OLYMPICS.  Does anyone understand just how major that is???  Instead of criticizing and ridiculing this CHILD about something as minor as her hair - why not APPLAUD her??  Why not show the young ladies around us that she is a role model instead of watching the typical foolishness on TV.

Ms. Gabby Douglas is a role model for me.  
Anyone who can devote that much time, energy and diligence to perfect their craft ought to be admired.

Gabby - I salute you!!!


  1. I'm am just discusted with OUR people, at how ignorant and HATEful we are towards one another. Really.. why is her hair even a topic of discussion, it's a non-factor in how very talented this young lady truly is. I thank you for this post and will be sharing on my blog as well..


    1. Toni,

      Thank you so much for commenting. I also appreciate the fact you are as outraged as I am. It makes me so frustrated...ugh

  2. I don't understand what the big damn deal is about her hair anyway. Damn the haters! Much love goes to Gabby!

  3. It turns my stomach to hear adult men and women make negative remarks about this young lady. She has practiced and conditioned herself to be the best that a gymnasts has to offer. She is a role model to both those older and younger than her. She has an excellent level of dedication and commitment.

  4. Girl, these are my exact sentiments. I could not even believe that this child's hair was even a topic of discussion. Boy, boy, boy haters be on their jobs! Nevertheless, I am so proud that Gabby succeeded so tremendously!

  5. I'm glad I didn't see those comments. She's beautiful, amazing, and full of grace. She's been in the fiercest competition of her life and nailed it. Lord knows I wouldn't have any hair from being so stressed! Plus, she has the exact same style as everyone else. What are gymnasts supposed to have full indi remy's haha!?

  6. I totally agree! Folks are so super petty and they are clearly letting their own deep rooted insecurities with their Europeanized hair issues rub off on Gabby. This young beauty is focused and representing not only African Americans, but the United States of America! How awesome is that and she's only 16 years old!!!

  7. I can't believe that her hair was ever a topic for discussion! She's an OLYMPIAN! Who really cares about her hair?! I swear people find every reason to complain about something! Why can't we ever just be happy for her and give her the much-deserved props she should be getting? She's only 16 and has accomplished something that pretty much ALL of us haven't and won't be able to accomplish in this lifetime.

    Thank you for this post! I couldn't agree more.


  8. Why is her hair even a topic if she had a perm she would sweat it out because she exercises so what's even the point. Its a shame people can't be proud of her accomplishments instead they are hating on her looks.


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