Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up.

It may be difficult to realize celebrities are humans too.  They live their lives on the stage for everyone to watch and comment on.  Could you imagine if you had cameras taping your every move?  Would there be things published you wouldn't be pleased with?  Would there be pictures or actions you displayed that your mother would not approve of?

I have always been a fan of Rihanna's style but after her interview with Oprah.  I have a newfound respect for the woman that she is.  Rihanna is human.  She laughs, cries, came from humble beginnings, likes to have a good time.  I don't condone physical abuse but I can respect her for saying he needed help and that she equated her relationship to the relationship she saw growing up between her parents.

In the end we all want love.  We want to be loved by those around us.  I am encouraged by her to "forgive my enemies" and to find the source of what you may be going through in order to "find your happy place."  What do you think of Rihanna?  Did you watch the interview?

We all, we all, we all, we all, we all
We all, we all, we all, we all, we all

I can pretend that I'm not lonely
But I'll be constantly fooling myself
I can pretend that it don't matter
But I'll be sitting here lying to myself
Some say love ain't worth the buck
But I'll give every dime I have left
To have what I've only been dreaming about

Everybody wants something
Gotta want something
What are you living for?
Everybody needs something
Fighting for something
I know what you're fighting for
Cause we all

We all want someone there to hold
We just want somebody
We all wanna be somebody's one and only
We all wanna be warm when it's cold
Yeah yeah yeah


  1. So true. Celebrities are no different from anyone else. I missed that interview she did with Oprah...I may be able to find it online.

    1. You can check youtube or own.com. Thanks for commenting!!!

  2. I fell in love with her and the true emotions. I can definitely understand her putting up the strong face for the media and she is just human like anyone. Love the interview.


    1. My sentiments exactly Stella. Thank you for commenting!!

  3. I have always loved her and I think the interview was done in great taste and let's us know that we all are humans and we feel the same things no matter if we are famous or not.


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