Sunday Inspiration

This has to be one of my favorite scenes of one of my favorite movies The Color Purple.  I have many fond memories watching this with my mother as she reenacted every line of the movie.  I miss my mother every day but this post has me smiling, laughing and reliving wonderful moments that I shared with her.  This song and the memory of my mother will give me the inspiration I need this week.

Is God trying to tell you something??

Be Encouraged!!!


  1. I love this song! It has always given me chills and if I play it once, I'm playing it 5 times.

    1. me too!!! I just got here stuck again lol!!! Thanks for commenting :)

  2. That was my favorite scene as well. That songs get me every time!

  3. Thanks for sharing God is always trying to tell us something sometimes we just don't want to hear it me included.

  4. Right on time. Thank you!

    Miss Daja

  5. This gives me chills and has from the first time I saw this movie as a little girl. "Sinners have souls too daddy!" #chills


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