Nothing worse that a "pretty" cake that tastes NASTY!!!

I'm just saying!!!

The wedding cake is usually the focal point of the reception.  I have seen the cake have its own spot light!!!  The cake is what people are looking for and looking forward to tasting.  Some couples even give the cake away as the favor.  So with that said... I feel there is nothing worse than having a beautiful cake with different levels, designs, flowers, etc and the cake is dry, bland and just plain NASTY.

The cake tasting is very important to me because I love cake!!!  These cakes are pretty and hopefully they are pretty tasty too :)

 After posting these pics.  I'm noticing some similarities!! 
 Can you see them???


  1. That is one thing I really don't think about when it comes to weddings. I am single, maybe thats why? But you made some good points, the cake has to look good and taste good but not cost too much...hopefully.

  2. The cake must taste good. Thankfully because I use to work to Publix supermarkets I got my cake for free as their gift to me it was so good.

  3. Hmmm... I can TOTALLY relate!!!! I have had as beautiful nasty cake before I'm just thankful I didn't have to pay for it!!!! Lol!!!!


  4. That polka dot cake is just fabulous! A pretty, tasteless cake is definitely disappointing.


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