That's that ish I don't like...

Love these tags on YouTube and thought I should do it too.

This is that ish I don't like...

1) when someone is quiet through the commercials of a show but all of a sudden has a lot to say once the show comes back on... REALLY???!!!

2) when it takes someone five million years to make a right hand turn or to merge into a lane!!!

3) when there is jelly in the peanut butter - ummm can we use two different knives please???

4) when someone asks you a question they already know the answer to.

5) when people take credit for things they don't do or come up with.

6) when I go in the store for one thing and come out with 20!

7) when people are arguing in the comments of instagram - I mean really???!!!

8) when people claim to not know something when they can simply use google or bing!  The internet is our friend!!!

9) when people always have excuses - just hush and DO IT!

10) when don't know the difference between "to" "too" & "their" "there"  - ENGLISH 101

what annoys the ish out of you :)


  1. This is such a funny tag, I am so glad yours is not a rant like the ones I see on youtube. I agree with number 4, I also don't like when people ask indirect questions like where were you on Saturday but they really wanted to know why you didn't pick up their call or reply their text. A straight forward question will grant you a straight forward answer, that's just my opinion. Hehe...

    1. Exactly - I hate questions with hidden agendas like "where you going tomorrow" when they really want to borrow your car??!!!

  2. this chick at my job who ALWAYS has drama going on... Geez, we ALL have issues, walk it off!

  3. #7 works my nerves-- so glad Im not the only one that it's driving!

  4. I concur with all of the above! LOL!
    Great post idea!


  5. When I go to the dollar store I come out with about 30 dollars worth of useless stuff.

  6. Grrrrr! 10 and 8 grinds my gears! I like your list! Short and to the point!


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