Bath & Body Works vs. The Body Shop

I normally am a Bath & Body Works girl only because they have more stores but yesterday I decided to try The Body Shop after some prompting from a friend.  Her argument was "we are so careful with what we put in our hair - why aren't we that careful with what we put on our bodies."  Point taken!  I purchased sulfate free soap from The Body Shop and it is WONDERFUL.  You ever use soap that leaves you feeling dry???  Dove does that to me but not this soap.  The 3 for $30 deal was amazing - now I'm wishing I purchased more soap.

I still like Bath & Body Works but its mainly because their stuff is just pretty.  Their packaging catches your eye and they seem to be having a sale every day.  But my mother always said "you get what you pay for."  I have found that The Body Shop body butter leaves you feeling softer longer and the scents linger throughout the day whereas I had to keep reapplying the Cashmere scent from Bath & Body Works.

To each its own - but which is your favorite?  I'm loving The Body Shop right now!


  1. You know I can't wear anything from bath and body works it breaks me out for some reason. I loved them though

  2. i love the body shop... but then again we dont have a bath and body works in England, so i might be a tad biased :D

    i have never heard of sulphate free soap! but i dont use soap anyway because of that dry feeling, i prefer shower gel.

    great goodies :)



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