Full price??? Just wait two weeks!!

Ever want something so bad, you check the price tag and despite what it says - you buy the item anyway...Only to return two weeks later and that same item has been reduced drastically!!!  Oh the frustration!

I have learned over the years that patience is a virtue when it comes to shopping too!

Dress looks AMAZING on!! Can't be $11.98

Necklace I would pair with this blazer for $10.48

Black Peplum Top $19.99

Check out these three items I wanted from Target and was willing to pay full price for but waiting just two weeks saved me $70!!


  1. Great buys! I saw some of these items on clearance the other day. I love Target clearance!!

  2. Great picks! I love Target and I never buy full price.


  3. Great advice and great finds. I learned this lesson when managing the Express at Christiana. We were mandated from Corporate to move stuff every 2 weeks, so we would push to sell things full price when they first hit the floor. What didn't sale by the time semi-annual came around ended up at Marshalls and TJ Maxx!. Patience is a virtue.


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