Goodwill Hunting...

Here are some tips for us thrifting newbies.  
Jot these down or make a mental note... 
Then head to your local thrift store ready to explore.  

  • Locate stores by using links such as Thrifty Planet or The Thrift Shopper 
  • Bring cash and any picture id's that could give you a discount (college/work/military)
  • Have Patience  Be willing to look, for a long time, through a lot of stuff.
  • Leave the kids at home because thrifting can be a long process
  • Wear leggings and a t-shirt so that you can try on clothes even if there isn't a dressing room available. 
  • Try it on!
  • Think creatively everything can be altered, turned into an entirely different piece of fabulous clothing. 
  • Remember what you already own! No need for similar items 
  • Look for brand names as these are items that are usually high quality and made to last. 
  • Examine the item carefully for stains, rips, holes and other defects.
  • Don't forget accessories. Belts, scarves, hats, bags, jewelry etc.
  • Wash everything before you wear it. 
  • Find a tailor if you love it and it doesn't fit just right. 
  • Reconstruct your new clothes into something new. Jeans can become shorts etc,
  • Get some, give some. For every bag your leave with, be sure to donate things you are no longer wearing.   


  1. Great tips! Where do you thrift in the Philly area? I haven't found that diamond in the rough yet...still on a search!


    1. Roni - DELAWARE!!! You have to travel just a bit but it is so worth it. There are great consignment shops in Wilmington and a great Goodwill in Claymont. Happy Hunting :)

  2. Great tips, thrifting is about seeing things as they aren't but for what they can become. As you said be sure to try things on because just because it says one size doesn't mean you can't wear it. Sometimes a button down dresses can be worn as sheath open (if you can't button it) All blazers aren't meant to be worn closed, as long as it doesn't look too small get it. A dress too small in the top can be made into a skirt. And yes as you stated find a good tailor or seamstress to re-work those pieces!!

    Carsedra of:



    1. Exactly Carsedra - You gave some additional great tips!!! Thank you so much for commenting!!

  3. Patience is my downfall and I can't ever seem to find anything for the plus size at least nothing nice.

    1. Hey Kita!! Patience is Key and go EARLY!!! I find that helps me a lot. Good luck to you and thanks for commenting.


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