Voting is a Privilege!

Today is Election Day!  I am not here to state who I am voting for because that is my personal decision as well as yours.  I am here to encourage you to make your voice heard and do your part in the process - which is to VOTE.

Many people lost their lives and fought for the opportunity to have their voices here.  I feel honored and blessed to be able to vote and cast my ballot for the persons I feel best represent me.

Some may wonder "will my vote matter?"  "will my voice even be heard?"  "they will do what they want when they get in office, anyway."  This may be true but it speaks volumes of what we can and cannot control.  I can control voting because I did the right thing.  I did what my ancestors both African American and Women fought for.  Who ever is elected has to live with themselves if they choose to do things that are not good for those they serve.

I hope you will exercise your right and VOTE!

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