Here comes Valentines Day..

My boo and I don't normally celebrate Valentine's Day.  We acknowledge the day but we have holidays more specific to our relationship that we indulge each other with cards, gifts and lots of xoxo.

But I wanted to do a Valentine's day gift post for those who may be struggling in what to do or what to get for the significant others.  Let me know what you think and what you do.

Can you believe its almost February???

Gift guide for the guy or gal in your life... 
(both inexpensive and expensive - remember its the thought that counts but its better to THINK HARD!)

                       Candy always works :)
Cards with special love notes inside
Cook dinner TOGETHER...
The stove won't be the only thing that's hot :)
Write a poem for each other
His and Her watch set
Smell goods (cologne or perfume)
Latest music CD
Couples Spa day - trust me this is AMAZING!!
Scavenger hunt game - all clues should lead back to you!!


Wedding Planning...

Honestly I was never that girl... Dreaming of my wedding dress, where I would get married, every detail of every moment.  Nope, not me!  Then when my mother passed away - all of the planning seemed insignificant.  I wondered who would go dress shopping with me, who would I bounce ideas off of, who would ooh, ahh and cry at the mere thought of planning a wedding. 

Luckily, God and my Mommy have placed people in my life who are playing very significant roles and for that I am truly grateful.  I have found the planning to be enjoyable and my honey is very involved :)  We are merging ideas for what I feel will be a wonderful beginning to a long lasting marriage.

I have become members of many wedding planning sites such as theknot.com and frequent many bridals salons such as Kleinfields and David's Bridal for ideas.  I am truly looking forward to this journey.

Any tips, tricks, comments, suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!


Girls like FOOTBALL TOO!!

I love my NY GIANTS!!  I am a huge fan and I really enjoy watching them play on Sunday.  It also helps that my boo is a HUGE fan of the GIANTS as well.  So this is something that we enjoy discussing and watching together.  

FYI - men love sports and men love women who love sports.  
So if you desire to get closer to your man become interested in the things he is interested in...

Don't forget to make Football Fashionable.  Here are some examples from Victoria's Secret...


We're in the playoffs and play the Cheeseheads (Green Bay Packers) today so I will be glued to the TV promptly at 4:30pm.  Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday filled with lots of love, food and FOOTBALL!!

Is anyone ready for this????

I love Target just as much as the next woman but when I went in the other night for a couple household items and saw this.... I stopped in my tracks and SCREAMED!!!! I can't!! I'm not ready!!


Grateful for another day...

Another Day OFF that is...

My ten days off from work went by entirely too fast especially since I spent 18 hours driving to NC as well as worked my PT job and tried to eat and sleep the remaining hours.  Just a quick note to share some love with you and wish you all the best this new year.

Remember to always...

I reached 100 followers and I'm so grateful and humbled by this blogging experience. Special thanks to each of you for taking time out to read my thoughts, comment and share your experiences.  
I truly appreciate you!!

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