I'm NOT drinking anything GREEN!!!

Green Juice...YUCK!!!
or so I thought!!

My friends and I are starting on a healthy journey that incorporates exercising, being conscience of our food choices and drinking GREEN SMOOTHIES!!

I encourage you to visit your local supermarket and try the drink posted above or any green drink to see if you can deal with the acquired taste.  If you can, join me in this journey.  
Day 1

Day 2

This journey started on February 26th and will last until the end of March.
As of right now we are using this smoothie as our breakfast but may choose to increase and add a lunch smoothie as well.

The smoothie ingredients include but are not limited to:
Organic SPINACH or any green veggie
Frozen fruit (Strawberries, bananas, pineapple, etc)
Honey or Agave Nectar for sweetness
Organic Yogurt
Flaxseed Meal
Almond Milk


Month of Love...

Thought I would share the things that make me smile.  
What makes you smile?  Remember its all about the LITTLE things in life.  
Be happy and wishing you all the best this Sunday.
(not pictured my fiancee, my dad/brother & my friends)
♥ ya'll!!!

PicCollage App - I miss my mommy!!

Instagram -Follow me @ladystace
& the necklace IN LOVE!

My engagement ring and my bracelet - Set it off!

Redecorated the cover of my macbook - kisses to you!


I love this picture of our First Lady!!!  Simple, Elegance!!! 


Three things I love...

The color black
Studs for added bling
and leather!!!

What more could a girl ask for??  I'm in love with my latest purse.  What do you think?

Front view with studs and gold closure

Inside is already stuffed :) and its LEOPARD print!!
another view and still in love!!


would you ever consider...

a colored WEDDING DRESS???!!!!

Canary yellow??

Celebrities have done it but could you? would you?

Gwen Stefani


Does anyone else love Tory Burch??

The symbol and the classic designs intrigue me.  I purchased my first pair of "Reva" flats last summer and WORE THEM OUT!! Luckily I just ordered a new pair from Nordstrom and I can't wait to see my present waiting for me at my door.  

Check out the newest arrivals...Does anyone love this designer as much as I do?  She is actually born and raised in Philadelphia and moved to NYC to pursue her love of fashion.

Bond Duffle Tote
Check out the Tory Burch website and her "Must Haves!"


Patent Croc Print 797


sophie WEDGE

Metallic Reva Ballet Flat


Monthly Cravings...

Spring is approaching fast and with the weather we have been having you would think Spring is already here.  Check out the trends for Spring and my monthly cravings..  Don't forget the accessories to bring the outfit together.  All Accessories can be found at forever21.com

Neon, Color blocking and Bright Colors.

What are you craving for the Spring???


uniform for work = CREATIVE NAILS...

I often receive compliments on my nails, usually because they are extremely creative!!  Most people comment "You couldn't pick a color?" or "Wow, look at those nails!"  But I always smile and say since I have to wear a uniform for work and can't express my creativity through my clothing - I use my nails.  My students love them and I consider them conversation pieces :)  Please note - I keep my nails very short and manageable mostly to balance out the fact that they are extremely obnoxious :)

I take my nails so seriously that I check out nail blogs prior to my salon visit just to make it extra special!!  Check out some designs that I am in love with...

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