Full price??? Just wait two weeks!!

Ever want something so bad, you check the price tag and despite what it says - you buy the item anyway...Only to return two weeks later and that same item has been reduced drastically!!!  Oh the frustration!

I have learned over the years that patience is a virtue when it comes to shopping too!

Dress looks AMAZING on!! Can't be $11.98

Necklace I would pair with this blazer for $10.48

Black Peplum Top $19.99

Check out these three items I wanted from Target and was willing to pay full price for but waiting just two weeks saved me $70!!


Bath & Body Works vs. The Body Shop

I normally am a Bath & Body Works girl only because they have more stores but yesterday I decided to try The Body Shop after some prompting from a friend.  Her argument was "we are so careful with what we put in our hair - why aren't we that careful with what we put on our bodies."  Point taken!  I purchased sulfate free soap from The Body Shop and it is WONDERFUL.  You ever use soap that leaves you feeling dry???  Dove does that to me but not this soap.  The 3 for $30 deal was amazing - now I'm wishing I purchased more soap.

I still like Bath & Body Works but its mainly because their stuff is just pretty.  Their packaging catches your eye and they seem to be having a sale every day.  But my mother always said "you get what you pay for."  I have found that The Body Shop body butter leaves you feeling softer longer and the scents linger throughout the day whereas I had to keep reapplying the Cashmere scent from Bath & Body Works.

To each its own - but which is your favorite?  I'm loving The Body Shop right now!


Latest Loves...

My jacket - loving this color

This dessert from CPK - it is worth every dollar and every calorie

Loving my glitter oval nails before I get stiletto nails

Trying new colors for the fall

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When you begin to notice and become grateful for the things you do have, the things you want/don't have become less insignificant.  I challenge you to list all that you are grateful for on a daily basis, begin to look at life through a set a positive eyes and it will change your outlook.  
You will be bound to gain more than you currently have.

I am thankful for...
My life, family, my love, my friends, my home, my health, my ability to see, hear, feel, taste, touch.

I am thankful for...
my career, the life of my mother, the ability to cook, a working car, my own office.

I am thankful for...
the people I have met through blogging and the ability to express myself.

I can go on and on which is something I am also thankful for :)

Have a great week!!!


Voting is a Privilege!

Today is Election Day!  I am not here to state who I am voting for because that is my personal decision as well as yours.  I am here to encourage you to make your voice heard and do your part in the process - which is to VOTE.

Many people lost their lives and fought for the opportunity to have their voices here.  I feel honored and blessed to be able to vote and cast my ballot for the persons I feel best represent me.

Some may wonder "will my vote matter?"  "will my voice even be heard?"  "they will do what they want when they get in office, anyway."  This may be true but it speaks volumes of what we can and cannot control.  I can control voting because I did the right thing.  I did what my ancestors both African American and Women fought for.  Who ever is elected has to live with themselves if they choose to do things that are not good for those they serve.

I hope you will exercise your right and VOTE!


Goodwill Hunting...

Here are some tips for us thrifting newbies.  
Jot these down or make a mental note... 
Then head to your local thrift store ready to explore.  

  • Locate stores by using links such as Thrifty Planet or The Thrift Shopper 
  • Bring cash and any picture id's that could give you a discount (college/work/military)
  • Have Patience  Be willing to look, for a long time, through a lot of stuff.
  • Leave the kids at home because thrifting can be a long process
  • Wear leggings and a t-shirt so that you can try on clothes even if there isn't a dressing room available. 
  • Try it on!
  • Think creatively everything can be altered, turned into an entirely different piece of fabulous clothing. 
  • Remember what you already own! No need for similar items 
  • Look for brand names as these are items that are usually high quality and made to last. 
  • Examine the item carefully for stains, rips, holes and other defects.
  • Don't forget accessories. Belts, scarves, hats, bags, jewelry etc.
  • Wash everything before you wear it. 
  • Find a tailor if you love it and it doesn't fit just right. 
  • Reconstruct your new clothes into something new. Jeans can become shorts etc,
  • Get some, give some. For every bag your leave with, be sure to donate things you are no longer wearing.   

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