8 months and countdown

1/1/2013 officially made it OUR year!  He and I are getting married this September and we are so excited.  Plans are coming along well and fitting together beautifully.  I am excited to merge two families and have everyone I love in the same room.

Shhh..  but I have a secret!!  I am so excited for dinner.  Yup, I said it.  I am so excited to eat the dinner that will be served at our wedding.  We picked our menu and will be going for the tasting in just two weeks.  If you don't know food makes me happy.  I appreciate it and love a wonderful presentation.  Everyone knows you remember certain things about the wedding... Her dress, the way he looks at her, the cake, how good of a party it was and what you ate.  Dinner is a major part.

I will just let the pics speak for itself.  What would you choose?





  1. Totally the seafood! Looks amazing!

  2. I like the salmon the best but I don't even eat salmon it just looks pretty on the plate. Have fun

  3. So exciting! I am getting married in June, we are serving brunch ;-) Both the beef and seafood look great!

  4. congrats girl!! September is definitely a beautiful month <3. & seeing as how i'm a Pescetarian, I'm definitely choosing the salmon and shrimp! ha.


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