March 9th is always a bittersweet day for me.  It is the day that my mother passed away.  Yesterday made three years that my mother has been gone and I can still remember that day and all of the events so vivildy.  I consider myself so blessed to have had a mother like mine.  She was truly my best friend and spirit that lit up any room.  She always had a joke for you, a smile on her face but she didn't take any mess either.  March 9th is also a constant reminder of why I started this blog.  It was simply an outlet for me because I truly felt lost without her.  It has evolved into one of my passions and something that I enjoy doing.

I strive to make her proud with each passing day and I know she is always with me.  Driving into work today, this is the first song that played.  Enjoy!!!


  1. I don't even have to click play on that song and I get choked up. I cannot imagine the pain it must feel to lose your mom, although I know we will all experience it one day. I think of people who have lost their mothers sometimes, especially on Mother's day and it upsets me even try to wrap my mind around what you guys go through.

    I'm glad you know the feeling of having a great mom, even though the time was short. May your days only get brighter from here!

  2. You're so beautiful and I can tell your mom is too! I pray you have much peace and happiness in having a mom like her. I know she is proud of you. You and your family remain in my prayers. Hugs and love.


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