I was laid off!!!

Yup! June 30th was my last day with my district.  They actually laid off over 4,000 employees including counselors, assistant principals, teachers, and other school staff.  I honestly didn't believe it would really happen but most of us received our notices in the mail two weeks before school ended. I'm still not sure how they think they can run schools without these supports but they are trying... 

As with anything I put my career in God's hands.  You can't worry and pray at the same time!!!

I still had the best summer ever as described in my last post and was still able to do everything and more that I had planned.

I believe that everything happens for a reason.  Last year was my most difficult as a counselor but also the most rewarding in regards to the relationships I built with my students.  I honestly didn't want to go back to my former school, I didn't want to deal with the principal and the hour commute was tiring.  One week before this school year started, I was hired as a counselor at a new charter school 20 mins from the house!!! WINNING!  The principal seems like a good leader and I have little babies (K-5th grade).  

I say all this to say that everything happens for a reason.  You may not know the reason at that moment but God is setting you up for greatness so just be still.  Be encouraged.


  1. God is definitely good. He always has us on a path, even if we don't know where it's going to lead.

  2. Amen, Amen, and AMEN! Congratulations on your new position!


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