Sun Yellow...

Off to a bridal show and decided to wear my new mossimo blazer from....       Tar-jay (Target). This color gives me life. I knew I wouldn't want to walk around in a coat, so the old navy scarf added a little fashionable warmth for this beautiful Sunday!!!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!!


Prabal Gurung for TARGET

Target has hit the mark once again by releasing the new collection from Prabal Gurung. The shoes were my favorite by far.  I refuse to be a part of a "mad dash" shopping while rummaging over clothes someone else passed on so....I shop online.  Wait three days and a present is waiting on your doorstep.  Here is a lookbook of the collection. Which is your favorite?  Were you able to purchase any goodies?


Mrs Carter 2013

Can you sense my excitement???

Anyone else going to the concert???  It is sure to be the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!!!!

Watch her "A Mic and A Light" Documentary here...



Envision Your Life

Vision Boards have become my best friend lately.  I don't know about you but I don't have millions of magazines laying around my house nor the extra money to go buy them.
The fact still remains VISION BOARDS WORK!
You are able to see your dreams directly in front of you. 
What do you want in your life?
What images represent your dreams?
What words inspire you to move forward?

So dream it. See it. Share it. Achieve it. And repeat.
So dream it. See it. Share it. Achieve it. And repeat.

Now your dreams and vision board can become portable by creating them online.  You can email and share them with friends and family.  Check out my latest board I created 


We could all use a little Inspiration...

Hope these quotes give you inspiration.  Have a great Sunday and rest of the week!

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Love yourself...

Here are 10 ways to love yourself this Valentines Day....

Once you learn to love you...everything else will fall into place!


1. Change negative self-talk into positive self-talk.

Negative voices can pop up frequently. Question them. Decide if they’re reality or made up. Rephrase your negative voices until they reflect the positivity of who you actually are.

2. Be grateful.

Focus on everything you have. If you have functioning legs – appreciate the intricacies of the inner workings that guide you in walking and doing a variety of activities. Once you realize how many things you have to be grateful for – you’ll start opening up to all the ways you can love yourself.

3. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how fabulous you are.

This may be a challenging task in the beginning BUT once you really believe yourself it’s so empowering. When this happens you can really truly LOVE yourself.

4. Write yourself a love note.

You are gloriously divine. This can be long or short but tell yourself the ways & the whys of loving yourself. Read it daily.

5. Forgive yourself.

Have you done something that doesn’t make you super proud? Forgive yourself. You are amazingly you and you’re learning as you travel your life path. Embrace all parts of yourself and move forward with new knowledge (and compassion for YOU).

6. Free the perfection bug.

If you’re always striving for something that’s not realistic – then you open the door for negative self-talk. You are YOU and you are enough – right now, just the way you are.

7. Do something - just for YOU.

It’s great when you do stuff for others BUT it’s even GREATER when you do something just for YOU – when you’re the ONLY one who benefits. Wow.

8. Take quiet time.

This gives you time to let go of all of the crazy voices (internal AND external) and get in touch with YOUR inner self. When you’re in touch with your REAL self you can better appreciate yourself which in turn leads to a greater LOVE for yourself.

9. Release the guilt.

Guilt builds into negative self-talk.  You cannot change what you’ve done in the past but you can move forward in your positivity. Let go and learn to love.

10. Be true to YOU.

If you’re trying to be someone you’re not – it’s easy to slip into negative self-talk because you aren’t being your best you. You are your own best self. Let go of who you are not and EMBRACE your BEST you.

Check out www.mindbodygreen.com.  Its one of my favorite blogs!!!


Sunday Chic...

Today was an AMAZING Sunday.
I firmly believe that when you count your blessings you receive more.
Be grateful for what you have - there are people praying for those exact things.

I was dressed in ALL Black today.  Looking quite chic - if I do say so myself ;)

Blazer - Kardashian Kollection
Jewelry - Forever 21
Shirt/Skirt - NY & CO
Shoes - Bakers $18.00 - Did you know they were closing??!!!


Something about Navy...

I'm loving Navy Blue for Bridesmaids.  These dresses are giving me life.  
I have already chosen their gown but these were great runner ups!!  
What do you think?


Superbowl fly...

Have you been invited to a Superbowl Party this Sunday and you have
 no idea what to wear??
Here is a way to stay fashionable and festive.
Choose which team you're rooting for and spice it up with studs and spikes!! 

Superbowl fresh

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