I started the best weekend ever by attending the Beyonce concert at the Wells Fargo Center.  My girl Bey hit the stage and shut it down.  We were on our feet the entire night - singing every song at the top of our lungs.  

I have to give Beyonce her props.  I tried to do one, yes one move of hers where she spins around, drops to the ground, brings it back up, makes the shape of the plane and touches the ground three times and almost fell out.  For anyone that thinks they can do what she does ummm good luck!!!  Singing and  dancing for two hours straight - has me tired looking at her.

When the tour was announced, I knew I was going.  All I needed was for my homegirl (another Beyonce fan) to co-sign and we were in there!!!

If you weren't able to see the show in person - then YouTube it immediately!!!!


First Day of Autumn

Happy first day of Autumn!!! It's a beautiful day and I'm not ready for the leather jackets, scarfs and chunky sweaters just yet.

I pulled this extremely affordable outfit together and I'm ready for the day. My tropical pants were a whopping $4.00!!! The oversized, off the shoulder top was only $3.00. I paired them with my favorite Franco Fortini sandals that I've had since 2006 and I was keeping summer for at least one more day.


Make a statement

Nothing makes a statement more than a statement necklace. I found this gem on the clearance rack at JCPenney. (Yup! You read that right... CLEARANCE!) 

It was originally $85! I'm not sure who would pay that but she. me. her would not! I scored this gorgeous piece for $9.99!  I couldn't leave it there.

The key to statement necklaces is to let them do all the speaking for you. Place them over a plain top. Add your favorite jeans or slacks, flats or pumps and you're ready for the world.


My First Girls Trip!!!

I'm 29 and have never gone on a spring break during college nor a trip out of the country with my girls.  All of my travels have been with my family or my significant other. So when my homegirl called and told me about the trip she was planning - I said sign me up!  I have been creating my 30 before 30 list and taking a trip was definitely on the list.  We started planning in Jan and June 28th was here before any of us knew it.

The resort we stayed at was not my favorite but it was all inclusive and we were rarely in the room.  Put me on the beach, with a frozen cocktail, a nice breeze and a cute bathing suit and I'm good!

I am very fortunate to have some great friendships with girls.  We truly appreciate each other, the good and the bad of each other.  This trip was spent with three amazing ladies and I am grateful my first experience was such a great one.


I was laid off!!!

Yup! June 30th was my last day with my district.  They actually laid off over 4,000 employees including counselors, assistant principals, teachers, and other school staff.  I honestly didn't believe it would really happen but most of us received our notices in the mail two weeks before school ended. I'm still not sure how they think they can run schools without these supports but they are trying... 

As with anything I put my career in God's hands.  You can't worry and pray at the same time!!!

I still had the best summer ever as described in my last post and was still able to do everything and more that I had planned.

I believe that everything happens for a reason.  Last year was my most difficult as a counselor but also the most rewarding in regards to the relationships I built with my students.  I honestly didn't want to go back to my former school, I didn't want to deal with the principal and the hour commute was tiring.  One week before this school year started, I was hired as a counselor at a new charter school 20 mins from the house!!! WINNING!  The principal seems like a good leader and I have little babies (K-5th grade).  

I say all this to say that everything happens for a reason.  You may not know the reason at that moment but God is setting you up for greatness so just be still.  Be encouraged.


Guess who's back!!!

Wow... I didn't realize I had been gone so long but I have good reasons.  Summer 2013 has been one for the record books.  It truly was the...

and here is why....

I was laid off from the school district. 
I went to the Dominican Republic on my first girls trip for a week.
I saw Beyonce in concert. 
I turned 29.
My bachelorette party was one for the memory books. 
I saw Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake in concert. 
I married my best friend.
We put the "honey in the moon" in Montego Bay, Jamaica
I start my new job working with K-5 tomorrow morning.

The God I serve is AMAZING!

More details to follow.. I hope your summer was just as amazing if not better!!!

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