Wish I was still in Jamaica...

We spent a wonderful honeymoon week in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It was such an amazing experience.  The sun, the sand, the water, the people and the food!!! I wish I was there right now. We stayed at Secrets which is an All inclusive resort. I prefer to pay one fee, have everything included and only need to carry money to tip.

We toured the island and even went to Margaritaville. Most of our moments were shared just enjoying each other's company and being grateful to God for our relationship, our wedding and starting our lives together.

Can't wait to go back...


September 1st, 2013

married my best friend on September 1st. Here are just a few images from our special day.


I HATE Plato's Closet!!!

We all buy clothes and some of us rationalize new purchases by getting rid of things we've never worn or only worn once.

Enter Plato's Closet. Plato's Closet is a consignment shop where you can buy and sell new and trendy items. I have sold to Platos Closet several times, only to leave disappointed on multiple occasions. I've sold BRAND NEW, never been worn, tag still attached, name brand items and received a whopping $6.00!  Sometimes I look back in the bin and say "are you crazy?"  That shirt cost this or those shoes cost that. Needless to say, I take the money because hey something is better than nothing but something has to give! The response they give seems memorized and full of bologna!! "We couldn't take the other items because they looked worn, aren't currently in style and in season." I want to scream out "LIES" at the top of my lungs.  

I don't want to come back home with the items, I have already agreed to part with so my next stop is the goodwill to donate the remaining items. It just frustrates me, that Platos closet is able to mark up the items they just ripped me off for.  Anyone feel the same way I do??


Swan Song...

My father goes to my mothers gravesite on Sundays after church. This particular Sunday, my brother, husband and I were visiting so after church and before breakfast we went to "sit" with my mother. Honestly this was difficult for me but it must have been therapeutic for my dad so I wanted to support him in his mourning.

As we were sitting, laughing, praying, crying, reminiscing we could see the swans that live in the cemetery's pond off in the distance.  As our conversations grew and the time passed, one swan "waddled" closer and closer to us. I wish you could really visualize just how far away from us the pond was and how far the swan had to walk.

Granted we all grew a little nervous. We all plotted on how we would get this swan away from us or what we would do if it got any closer. The swan got closer and closer. Unfazed that the four of us were sitting there, staring. The swan continued, getting closer and closer. 

The swan then approached my mothers headstone, stopped at the head of the grave and relaxed. The swan completely rested in the grass. We couldn't do anything but calm down and stare in amazement.  As we continued our conversation the swan would turn its head to whomever was speaking at the time.

Thanks to google, I immediately googled what was the symbolism and significance  of a white swan.  This is what I found: 


The swan may also bear messages of love and relationships. They pair for years, sometimes male-female unions are sustained for a lifetime. When the swan glides upon the waters of our awareness, it might be a symbol of love, and a reminder of the blessings found in our relationships.

It was clear that the swan was MY MOM! My mom possessed all those qualities and more. The love that my mom and dad shared will be sustained for years. She was elegant, graceful, patient and full of love. My mom always lets me know that she is near. This could also be seen as my mothers "swan song," her final "public appearance."  My mother was our balance, she was our peace. In this moment, although overwhelmed with emotion, I was grateful that she is keeping her promise of always being with me.


Hello Gorgeous!!!

I absolutely love graphic tees and this one was no different. I purchased this faux leather skirt for $7.99 from JcPenny. I wore it to Atlantic City Fashion Week to support my cousin. (Go Asia!!!)

The "Hello Gorgeous" shirt was purchased from Old Navy and paired with my faux leather skirt and red Jessica Simpson sandals. I was fashion week ready!!!


29 & Fly!!! Plus my bachelorette party

My 29th birthday was definitely one for the record books. I suggested that my bridesmaids combined my bachlorette party and birthday party and they outdid themselves.

My morning was spent with my fiancée. Breakfast, couples photo shoot, & lunch at one of our faves (Fogo de Chao). I love him for making my bday extra special! 

My girls rented a room and filled it with lots of food, fun, friends and other festivities (wink, wink).  It was a night I don't really remember :) spent with people I will never forget. Live for the moments, life takes your breath away.

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