Did I just make my own headboard???

I am loving Pinterest and how confident it makes me when I am looking for new projects.  I have wanted to update the bedroom and I knew a new headboard would do the trick.  I was all set to purchase one for $300-400 but once you add in delivery, waiting two-three days for installation, I could have created three of my own by then.

I watched several youtube tutorials and looked at websites via pinterest then I went out to get my supplies:

Fabric (at least three yards) $4.00 a yard
1 1/2 inch plywood $12.00
Staple gun $20.00
Batting $13.00
Foam $10.00
Spray adhesive $10.00

plywood cut at home depot

batting that I used
foam used for cushion

Lastly mount your headboard to the wall by using d-rings and nails.  

This picture was my inspiration... Going to look for new bedding this weekend.

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