Several snowstorms - I need Spring!

After several snowstorms and being forced to stay indoors. The first sign of spring came with a beautiful 58 degrees. 

I didn't have any plans but I knew I wanted to be out, enjoying the sunshine.  I was excited to wear my new Melody Ehsani sneakers. These sneakers are classic Reebok pump but with a colorful, snakeskin flare! 

Here's how you can make an all black outfit POP with just a few accessories. The right jewelry, the right bag, the right jacket with these sneakers.... Girl!!!!

She who wears the crown...

"Every woman wears a crown, some tarnished, some gleaming bright.  If you look closely you will see it. Wear yours with grace and acknowledge theirs with a smile."

This quote is important for every woman to know, memorize and recite to herself often. Always remember that you are beautiful.  You are to be valued. You are to be appreciated. You are to be held in high regard. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be loved. You deserve all your hearts desires.

Wear your crown. Hold your head up high. Be remarkable. Be fearless. Be motivated. Be determined. 

These are just my thoughts on this beautiful Saturday.

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