Painting with a Twist...

Painting has been my new found joy.  Not sure when this craze started but I have even seen advertisements on groupon.  I suggest you all give it a try, I'm sure you will love it just as much as I have.  Most recently I hosted my own private party and 20 of my friends and family joined me for the experience.  The class was led by a wonderful instructor and the "twist" is its BYOB.  You arrive thinking "what in the heck will my painting look like"?  You leave feeling like you have a degree in art education - well maybe that's a stretch but I am becoming more and more confident :)

Check out all of my paintings below.  It is a great way to relieve stress and it is something new/exciting to do.  Research painting with a twist :)

creating my masterpiece!

Did I just make my own headboard???

I am loving Pinterest and how confident it makes me when I am looking for new projects.  I have wanted to update the bedroom and I knew a new headboard would do the trick.  I was all set to purchase one for $300-400 but once you add in delivery, waiting two-three days for installation, I could have created three of my own by then.

I watched several youtube tutorials and looked at websites via pinterest then I went out to get my supplies:

Fabric (at least three yards) $4.00 a yard
1 1/2 inch plywood $12.00
Staple gun $20.00
Batting $13.00
Foam $10.00
Spray adhesive $10.00

plywood cut at home depot

batting that I used
foam used for cushion

Lastly mount your headboard to the wall by using d-rings and nails.  

This picture was my inspiration... Going to look for new bedding this weekend.

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Scarves are a girls best friend

A scarf is an easy, affordable way to jazz up what would have been just a simple outfit.

I wanted to wear my new green loafers I scored from Target for $10. During the same Target trip I grabbed a green floral scarf for $15. 

I paired it with a crisp white collard shirt & black skinny jeans and the look was complete.

What do you use to jazz up what could have been a simple outfit? 


About that Bob life...

I have always been a fan of the Bob hairstyle.  It elongates your neck, slims the face and gives you a sleek, more mature look.  It's perfect for this weather and keeps you cool.

One of my former students did an amazing job on my hair. She is extremely talented.

                 What do you think?

JoyRich Sundays

I am feeling very sick but a girl has to eat, right?  Sundays are brunch days and a little cold isn't going to stop me.

Spring is great for throwing on a cute sweater and light jacket - you're good to go.

I love anything that screams NYC!!! I will rep my city all day, every day!  Loving this sweater by JoyRich!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. 


Family Night Mexican Style

Moments like these really allow me to be creative and let my inner event planner out. I love themed events and usually have to be reeled in because I can get overly excited and go too far...

We have family nights once a month and I really look forward to it. This time it was at our home and the theme was Mexican. I love Mexican food!!! 

There were margaritas, enchiladas, fajitas and tacos. I even used the as seen on tv taco bowl maker for the salads. We are on Fiesta plates and sombreros were added for extra decor.

Guacamole was purchased from Chipotle!! If you haven't had it before, stop what you're doing and go there immediately! (Yes, it's that serious!)

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. 

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