Let's get Organized...

It is always a great time to get organized, to create systems that make things simpler for you.  With that said, I have enjoyed creating systems for my home and work place that allow me to keep things organized and most importantly remembering where everything goes :)

I LOVE the Dollar Tree for cute baskets and organizers and now is the perfect time to go and get all the spring colored baskets and start organizing for the new year!!!

I have used these baskets in my kitchen cabinets, in my bathroom, under my kitchen sink and in my closet.  You would be amazed at how simple your life becomes when you give everything it's own place.  I encourage you to establish a system that works for you and stick to it.  

Follow me on Pinterest @ Stacy Camille to see how I use the Dollar Tree bins/baskets to organize different areas of my home.  

Do you believe in organization?  How do you stay organized?


  1. You can never have too many organization baskets. There is always something that can go in a basket! lol


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