Be Happy!!!!

This post truly spoke to me this morning so I knew I had to post it as my "morning memo over on IG! 

Being happy is a state of mind but happiness is actually so easy to acquire if you desire to!  If you truly want to be happy, whatever you define being happy as then I challenge you to simply change your mindset.

One thing I encourage you to do is smile! How could you be upset if you're smiling?!

When you make the conscious decision to be happy, to count your blessings instead of focusing on problems your outlook on life will begin to change and you will become happy!!

Be blessed and be a blessing!!


  1. Sometimes happiness takes work, but it's almost always attainable.

  2. I find that I am more happy when I focus on things I can control. When I focus on things I can't control that is when I feel stressed and anxiety.


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