Where have I been??

I've been struggling recently over content for my blog. I've been inconsistent with posts because I believe firmly in quality over quantity.  I figured instead of searching for ideas/topics I would just be honest and say where I've been. What has been keeping my focus instead of devoting time to my blog.

I've been totally engulfed in the thought that I no longer want to work for someone else.  I've been praying, asking God for guidance on when and how I should make that move. I joined an amazing company that is going to make that dream come true. So I'm full steam ahead with ItWorks!!!!

My husband and I have been on a detox/healthy lifestyle journey. We simply had gotten to a point where we weren't happy with what we saw and wanted to do something about it. We are on week 3. We are making better choices and pleased already with the results.

Being present. I have been surrounding myself my likeminded women and I have been so inspired. I think it is so DOPE to see other women following their dreams, looking fierce and handling their business!!!! 

These are just a few of the things I've been up to but each started with a decision! A conscious decision to make a change, make a better choice and to go for it!!! I'm so excited to see the outcomes!!

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