Look at the brighter side!!!

There is a million ways to say it..
Turn Negative into Positive
Making the best out of every situation
Turning Lemons into lemonade
Good outweighs the bad...

It all boils down to perspective!

How you choose to see things is basically your outlook on life.

I want to share 5 things I do in order to turn my spirit around and not allow the negative to get me down!!!

1. Pray. Ask God for peace, clarity, strength and guidance. I almost always feel better immediately after I pray. Almost as if the weight has been lifted off of me.

2. Walk. I go for a simple walk around my neighborhood to clear my head. Inhale positive and exhale the negative.

3. Become a kid again. I find something to make me think back to a simpler time. Tickling my daughter, singing songs with her, put me in the frame of mind that whatever I'm dealing with is never as important as her happiness.

4. Music. I listen to it all! Music is the soundtrack to life. A song can explain exactly how you're feeling and help you through it.

5. Clean. I really like to declutter and organize. Seeing things rearranged or outgoing things helps me to get rid of the old and have things be anew! I most recently organized my pantry and closet. Everything has a place and everything in its place.

What do you do to change your perspective in life?

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  1. I just started doing a daily routine. Meditate, 5 min motivation video, bed yoga. And I like to color whenever I feel stressed out.


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