What a difference a year makes...

A good friend asked how do I feel after surviving a year of motherhood.  That was the realest question I've been asked in a long time.  After going through all of the answers in my head, the response given was "tired."  Being a mother is the hardest job I've ever had with no instructions given.

This past year I have learned that I'm extremely selfless, humbled, patient and can love someone more than life itself.

I've had my own personal struggles this past year and I can honestly say that I made it by the grace of God and fighting to be a mother to my daughter.

I'm tired but it's that most rewarding tired I've ever felt. It's a rest that I need but will probably never get but its ok. Everything I do is for her.  


5 things to do on your snow day...


Don't waste this beautiful snow day.  Are you confused with what to do with your time?  Don't let the day go to waste - try the following 5 suggestions!!!

1)  Pamper yourself!  Start with a facial, whiten your teeth, polish your nails, soak your feet, use that new scented body wash/lotion combo.  Just make yourself feel like the queen you are.

2) Clean!  Tidy up.  Straighten up.  Put things where they belong.  Vacuum.  Dust.  Just clean up your surroundings.

3) Organize.  Check out my last post about everything needing its own place.  Arrange your closet by color.  Line up your shoes.  Arrange your cabinets and shelves in the pantry.  Throw out anything that doesn't have an appropriate space.

4)  Dance!  Put on some music.  My favorite is good ole 90's R&B like TLC, SWV and Total.  Go in front of the mirror and dance like no one is watching.  Burn calories, smile and have a good time.

5) REST!!! Life is fast and filled with many things we HAVE to do.  I believe God makes us stop for a particular reason.  Take the time to reconnect with Him and reconnect with yourself and REST!  Lie down, light a candle and reflect.  Be grateful for the many blessings you have in life!!!


Finding Balance is key..

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Many days I am ripping and running.  
Trying to figure out life on the go.  
How to get everything accomplished on my To-Do List!

As a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and worker to multiple jobs, I have to create some type of system that does not allow me to crumble.  I work very hard to keep this machine moving and I try to find ways to make things as easy as possible.

Here are some things that I do that I have found work for me in order to keep me balanced. 


1.  Pray.  Seek God and His guidance in ALL things.  
2.  Ask for help.  You're not weak because you ask for help!
3.  Write down EVERYTHING.  You can't remember it all.
4.  Plan your meals.  Not only does it save money but it saves you time.
5.  Make time for yourself.  Once you take care of you, you can take care of others.
6.  Drink water. Its necessary in order for you to keep moving.
7.  Know your limitations!  Don't take on more than you can handle/Incorporate "NO" into your vocabulary.


Let's get Organized...

It is always a great time to get organized, to create systems that make things simpler for you.  With that said, I have enjoyed creating systems for my home and work place that allow me to keep things organized and most importantly remembering where everything goes :)

I LOVE the Dollar Tree for cute baskets and organizers and now is the perfect time to go and get all the spring colored baskets and start organizing for the new year!!!

I have used these baskets in my kitchen cabinets, in my bathroom, under my kitchen sink and in my closet.  You would be amazed at how simple your life becomes when you give everything it's own place.  I encourage you to establish a system that works for you and stick to it.  

Follow me on Pinterest @ Stacy Camille to see how I use the Dollar Tree bins/baskets to organize different areas of my home.  

Do you believe in organization?  How do you stay organized?


Write your visions..

Starting off 2016 by creating a vision board. Vision boards are simply finding images, quotes that you envision for your life. The law of attraction!

I have found it more practical for my life to have a virtual vision board. A board I can save as my screensaver on my phone, laptop, etc.  I used the app Wishboard to create my board. I have also created one on Pinterest. Both are filled with my goals, dreams and aspirations for 2016.

It is written in Habukkah 2:2 "write the vision and make it plain" and that is exactly what I did.  

Do you create vision boards?
Do you prefer a physical board or a virtual board?

Follow me on Pinterest @ladystace and download Wishboard to create your own virtual vision board!!

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