On the bright side...

Flying to see my family in North Carolina is no easy task. Insert luggage struggles, airport security and a TODDLER!!!

Flight was at 6:30am and I have been preparing for a week. Reading up on tips to traveling alone with a toddler, packing liquids, etc.

The day arrives and I leave later than I should have. Airport lady checking me in is moving like molasses then laughed at me when she told me where my gate was... ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE AIRPORT!!!  But I hustled. Made it to security and actually took a breath. Then.. I looked up and saw that security line!!!! Where the heck are all these people going??? I said a quick prayer to calm my spirit and then proceeded. I made it through security by myself. Collapsing a stroller, detaching a car seat and handling two bags with baby girl in my arms!! (SUPERWOMAN!)
Made it to the gate and the flight was closed, plane gone!!
No need to get upset because it was out of my control. I went to customer service and was put on the next flight standby...

I could get upset but why... Not only am I'm traveling but I'm going to see my family just two hours later than expected. No biggie. Me and Camille are good!!!

Always look on the bright side!!!

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