What I'm Planning

I'm Engaged!!!

While we were in beautiful St. Croix, my babe got down on one knee and proposed to me.  It was very romantic, special and something I will never forget.  Being engaged feels like I'm walking on a cloud and I can't stop smiling.

Since we were in St. Croix with my Dad and aunts, I announced it the next morning (enter the waterworks) but we had to wait to tell our friends simply because of that $1.99 PER MINUTE CHARGE!!!  Once we got back to the states, I started calling all of my close friends and family because finding out via facebook is a BIG NO-NO in my opinion.

This is my first and hopefully ONLY engagement/wedding etc. so I don't know the proper etiquette but I was confused by some of the questions people asked once I said We were engaged.  Such as:  Did you say yes?  (I don't think I would be telling anyone if I said no) Are you happy? (again...would I tell you if I wasn't?) Did he really propose?  (Huh, what?) Do you have the ring?  (Do people propose without something sparkly in a box?)  When is the date? Why are you waiting so long? (Because we don't want to go into debt!  and Are you writing the checks?)

But I just brush it off and keep smiling, I answer the questions regardless of how shocked I am.  I am truly happy and in love.  Let me know what you think and what your experiences were.

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